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Nocpro IoT Ventures Private Limited is a Bangalore based company dealing mainly with products & services in the sphere of Internet of Things serving across verticals and industries. Any business that transmits or collects data from its various entities like remote sites, devices, vehicles, factories, warehouses, homes, people and so on, would require regular monitoring of such data for the purpose of improving process efficiencies, automation, ease of handling etc.

We offer Remote Monitoring as a complete IoT solution -hardware, software including web based as well as mobile based applications, field support & Backend Support Services, Network Operation Centre (NOC) monitoring & Data analysis for several businesses.

Nocpro IoT Ventures brings to customers state of the art products by effective partnerships with highly experienced product companies, and also offers other business services like Marketing & Sales, Field installations & Support and Backend NOC services (24x7 monitoring, Data analysis etc) as its core services.

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