Generator set owners and maintenance teams are concerned about its efficiency & fuel consumption
Consumption Per Hour (CPH) value many times exceed manufacturers ratings due to factors like load imbalance, power factor and lack of maintenance.

Monitoring electrical parameters of the Generator helps good upkeep /maintenance and identifies excess fuel consumptions.

Also, customers look for mobile-app based monitoring and control.
Daily/Weekly/Monthly usage patterns also key for better planning.

Our proposition

To Provide a complete solution for generator monitoring on web / mobile app to customers, inorder to address above requirements. We do hardware, software installation besides Data monitoring & Reporting.

Data Visualisation

Generator output monitoring -Voltage, Current, KiloWatts, Powerfactor - for 3 phases
Track Fuel added, consumed, removed. Prevent fuel theft & generator abuse.

Prevent fuel theft & generator abuse.

Real Time Alert

Get Maintenance Alerts on your phone & email.
Alarm Notification Escalation matrix

Reports and Analysis

Track Day wise reports
Track usage pattern & Load pattern<
Minimise downtime
Extend Generator Life