Our Support Services

Outsourced Network Operations Center (NOC) services
Customer Support & Tickets handling - (Supporting mail/web based tickets from end users as per customer's application)
Incident Escalations - (Voice calls and/or SMS alerts to concerned person /team and escalations thereof)
Data Validation - (verification as per customer provided check points)
Reports & MIS - (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/period wise reporting with clear actionables as needed in customer's business)

Why Choose Us

We can add benefit to your organisation with our MAAI methodology

Monitor your processes that send data
Alert your people on time and help you meet your service commitments
Analyse your data and look for areas of improvement
Improve your business processes by identifying any inefficiency & weak link.
Give timely alerts to your people and help you meet your service commitments
24/7 Technical Support

Benefits of outsourcing NOC & Data analysis

Analysis bottom-up (from smallest element/node/ blocks upto your full network /chain)
Better Vigilance (More eyes looking into your critical aspects /operations)

Early identification of weak element(Any degradation in performance /output is spotted early, thereby saving time & costs)

Immediate Alerts /Escalations (Voice call alert / SMS / Email)
Periodical Reports /mails
Saves Money, Labour & Time
Timely & Scalable Support